WebSkulker's Frequently Asked Questions

This is a skulker, but it's not WebSkulker

How can you have a FAQ when your site is brand new and no one has asked you any questions yet?


What is a "skulker"?
One who "skulks".


What does it mean "to skulk"?
1. To lie or keep in hiding, as for some evil reason: The thief skulked in the shadows.
2.  to move or go in a mean, stealthy manner; sneak; slink:   The panther skulked about in his cage.


Why do you call yourself "WebSkulker"?
WebSkulker has been using the handle "Midnight Skulker" for years, which is taken from a character in the B.C. comic strip.  When he decided to start this newsletter, he wanted to use "Midnight Skulker" as the perfect name for the newsletter because that is his style of traveling around the Internet and he does his best work at midnight.  However the domain name "MidnightSkulker.com" wasn't available so he decided to be "WebSkulker" instead.


Is it true that your cat writes the newsletter, not you?
Yes, WebSkulker types while the cat dictates the text in a trinary code consisting of sequences of meows, purrs, and silences.  When finished, WebSkulker holds the cat up to the screen for her approval which she gives by a long, complex, series of purrs followed by two meows that she wants to be fed.  We have pictures of her at work on the WebSkulker's Cat page.


Can a subscriber request a special time of day for their issue to arrive?
No WebSkulker Newsletter will be published before its time.  Or after its time.


What is that creature in the picture above?
See the caption under the picture on the WebSkulker's Rules page.