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You have to be kidding.  You want to unsubscribe, i.e. to remove yourself from the mailing list for the great WebSkulker Newsletter?  Surely you hit the wrong link and you are really trying to add yourself to the subscription list, right?  If so go back to the home page and subscribe from there.  

If you are really trying to unsubscribe, you had better read this first.  There were once two farmers in the same neighborhood, with the same weather, the same quality of soil, and growing the same crops.  Both farmers subscribed to WebSkulker at about the same time.  One farmer remained a loyal subscriber and enjoyed the news, insight, and jokes in every issue.  The other farmer foolishly canceled his subscription after a few days, before he really understood what WebSkulker was all about.

The farmer who reads WebSkulker is prosperous, grows bountiful crops, and consistently receives high prices for them.  The farmer who cancelled his subscription had a plague of locusts,  a drought, a tornado, and an earthquake which destroyed his farm house.

Think about it: do you really want to unsubscribe?  If so, type in the email address where the newsletter currently goes and press the button.

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